Turkeys & More
2024 Happenings

Thank You Spokane Teachers Credit Union

Spokane Teachers Credit Union provided great help to buy Thanksgiving turkeys by donating $2,500 recently to Turkeys & More.   STCU has been a major donor for many years and Turkey founder Evalyn Adams emphasized how much they are appreciated.  Last year it cost Turkeys & More over $70,000 to purchase 2,000 Thanksgiving turkeys and supplies which are distributed to food banks throughout Kootenai County.  Adams said it would not be possible to continue this wonderful program without the support of STCU and the many other donors.  Turkeys cost over $2.00 per lb. in 2023 and because of problems with bird flu, it is anticipated the cost will be even more this year.  Because of the high costs of living these days, many folks would not be able to buy a turkey for their families holiday dinner.  The reason the non-profit works so hard to raise the funds is because they want people to know they live in a caring community and there is hope for the future. Turkeys need to be ordered soon and only about one-fifth of the needed funds have been raised. Thanks to others who will help by sending a check to Turkeys & More, P O Box 267, CDA, ID 83816.  People may also donate safely online by going to turkeysandmore.org.
Pictured from left:  Mayte’ Eriksson, Turkey secretary; STCU employees Khristefer Charvat, Public Relations Manager Kristen Piscopo, Wyatt Dickinson and Turkey committee member Carolyn Joslin.

Thank You Northwest Specialty Hospital

Northwest Specialty Hospital Employees are happy about the recent $1,000 donation to buy turkeys for vulnerable families at Thanksgiving.  Turkeys & More president Nancy Nelson expressed thanks for their continued support.  The hospital in Post Falls has made a significant donation for several years to support this annual holiday program.  The non-profit plans to provide 2,000 birds again this year which will be passed out to food banks and other agencies in Kootenai County. It is estimated at least 10,000 family member will enjoy a traditional turkey dinner in their home because of the support and donations from others like Northwest Specialty Hospital.  Turkeys need to be ordered soon so Nelson encourages others to donate toward this worthwhile cause.  Checks can be mailed to Turkeys & More, P O Box 267, Coeur d’Alene, Id 83816.  To donate safely online go to turkeysandmore.org.
Those in picture include Nancy Nelson, Turkey president; Carlos Klocko, Jamie Narex, Tina Sanders, Shawnda Sorensen and Katie Spiker from the hospital and Turkey committee member Mike Anson.

Thank You Idaho Central Credit Union

ICCU donated $1,000 again this year to Turkeys & More to help buy Thanksgiving turkeys.  Turkey treasurer Bill Griffiths said the non-profit really appreciates the continued support for this important tradition in Kootenai County.  He emphasized the bird flu problems continue to cause the birds to be very expensive and they are hoping it will be possible to order 2,000 turkeys soon.  Other donations will be greatly appreciated and can be mailed to Turkeys & More, P O Box 267, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816.  To donate safely online, go to turkeysandmore.org.
pictured l – r
Mayte Eriksson, Turkey secretary; Octavian Rivas, Melanie Sloan, Jason Livingston, and Roxanne Kusler from ICCU and Bill Griffiths.

Thank You Monogram Homes

Levi Snyder from Monogram Homes presented a $1,000 check to Turkeys & More founder Evalyn Adams recently to help buy Thanksgiving turkeys.  Snyder said he and owner Cliff Mort have provided  donations for several years to make it easier for families facing financial challenges.  They were glad to learn around 10,000 recipients enjoyed a traditional holiday dinner in their homes last year and encouraged others to donate towards this worthwhile cause.  Adams emphasized it will soon be time to order the birds and the non-profit agency is short of the funds needed.  Checks can be mailed to Turkeys & More, P. O. Box 267, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816.

Turkeys & More supporting the community

Turkeys & More at the Bacon, Bloodys and Brews festival with the Hayden Chamber of Commerce.
Pictured are Turkey Team members Nancy, Carolyn and Mayte’

Thank You Bank CDA

Brad Rasor of Bank CDA continued their support to buy Thanksgiving turkeys by donating $500 recently to Turkeys & More. He emphasized the importance of helping financially stressed families during this holiday season and was pleased to be able to assist with the November distribution of 2,000 turkeys to twenty food banks and service agencies in Kootenai County.  Founder Evalyn Adams said other folks who would like to help this important cause may send checks to Turkeys & More, P O Box 267, CDA, ID. 83816 or donate safely online at TurkeysandMore.org.  The non-profit appreciates donations now in order to confirm best price for ordering the birds in early summer.
Pictured are Turkey Team members Dolly Studebaker and Jerry Flowers, with Brad Rasor in the middle.

Thank You CDA Paving

CDA Paving recently donated $500 for Thanksgiving turkeys to be distributed by Turkeys & More.  Holly Virgio, CDA Paving Community Events Manager, said their company has donated for several years because they know it is important to get the needed funds raised early.  They realize the Turkey Team hopes to get the best buy in early summer to reserve 2000 turkeys scheduled for delivery in November.  Others who would like to help are encouraged to go online to TurkeysandMore.org to safely donate online. 
Pictured are Turkey Team members Mayte Eriksson and Dolly Bryant with Holly in the middle.  

Thank You Empire Airlines

Tim Komberec, CEO of Empire Airlines, flew in $750 bucks to help buy turkeys for families facing financial challenges at Thanksgiving.  Turkeys & More plans to order 2,000 turkeys again this year and anticipate 10,000 people will enjoy a traditional holiday dinner in their home.  Because of bird flu, turkeys continue to be expensive, and the Turkey committee is working hard to raise the necessary funds.  Donations will be gratefully received by check sent to Turkeys & More, P O Box 267, CDA, ID 83816.  To donate safely online go to turkeysandmore.org.  The Committee would love to have more volunteers so call Founder Evalyn Adams at 208 765-5535 if you are interested.
Those in picture from l – r  Turkey committee members in the black turkey shirts are Annie Luttropp, Dolly Studebaker, and Jerry Flowers.  Komberec is featured in the blue shirt.       

Thank You Coeur d'Alene Aerie 486 Eagles

Turkeys & More was excited to receive a donation of $1,500 recently from the Coeur d’Alene Aerie 486 Eagles to help pay for Thanksgiving turkeys.  A celebration Thank You was given at the Eagles by Turkey president Nancy Nelson Walz.  She said plans are to buy 2000 turkeys again this year to serve local families who are financially stressed.  She anticipates around 10,000 people will be able to enjoy a holiday dinner in their home because of the wonderful support and donations from the Eagles and others in the community that want to help.  Founder Evalyn Adams expressed her gratitude to the Eagles who have contributed turkey money for the last seven years for a grand total of $7,000.
Pictured L-R:
Loren Walz, T&M committee; Jamie Walton, Inside Guard; Scott Sutherland, Worthy Secretary; Nancy Nelson T & M president; Rod Stach, Trustee; Evalyn Adams; Bill Griffiths, T & M Treasurer; Matt Sullivan, Trustee; Laura Sutherland, Worthy President; Mike Blanton, Eagle member; Cathy Moruzzi, Worthy Treasurer; Frank Burnette, Worthy Conductor; Michael Walker, Worthy Past President; and Judey Brown, Trustee.

Thank You to our latest Diamond Donor

Washington Trust Bank

Washington Trust Bank Granted $5,000 late in 2023 to Turkeys & More making them a Diamond Donor.  The organization was delighted to finally arrange the thank you picture during Valentine’s month as we celebrate and honor the love, we all share for our community.  The non-profit had a very successful distribution of 2000 turkeys before last Thanksgiving.  Turkeys were donated to twenty food banks throughout Kootenai County and delivered by the Coeur Group, a significant supporter for many years. Turkeys & More thanks all past donors who helped make this a more joyous event.  Over 10,000 of our less fortunate friends and neighbors enjoyed a traditional holiday dinner in their homes last November. 
Pictured are T&M president Nancy Nelson, Washington Trust Director of Regulatory Compliance Elizabeth Schroeder, CDA Commercial Banking Team Leader Don Anderson,    Founder of T&M Evalyn Adams, new committee member Annie Luttrupp and T & M secretary Mayte Erikkson.